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Lip Blush

Enhance your natural lip color with this new inventive lip blush technique. Designed specifically in order to enhance the natural color of your lips as well as create dimension and definition of the natural lip shape. 2.5 hour appointment length. Lip color will fade 40-50% lighter than initial color. Topical Anesthetics are used during the procedure for client comfort. Pain tolerance varies from client to client. Every effort is made in order to keep the comfort and swelling minimal. Lips will crust and peel comparable to dry Chappy lips. Aftercare lip kits are given to each client along with proper aftercare instructions.



No filter. Photo taken right after service.

Disqualification list:

- Must be over 18yrs+

- Not currently pregnant / breastfeeding - No history of Cold Sores or HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus)

** if you have a history of cold sores please consult your DR prior to booking an appointment. Your DR will prescribe taking a Anti-Viral medication (Zovirax or Valtrex) that will prevent any Cold Sore breakouts before & after the Lip Procedure

- Not on Acutane or any oral acne medication within the past year

- No transferable blood diseases (Hepatitis/HIV) or any known infectious or viral diseases that may cause harm

- No current chemotherapy

- No history of Epilepsy

- Not actively taking any prescribed Medication

- No previous Lip Blush Tattoo

**Please text to inquire for the lip blush enhancement. 6-8 week touch-up required to finalize the final lip color.

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